What We Do


DTM is the ideal development partner for projects within our expertise. As a team, we listen to each interested partner and look to incorporate valuable insight. We have a full understanding of the complete life cycle of an asset that is critical for the development, as well as its sustainability. Our partners quickly realize we are trustworthy, establishing the space for a win-win partnership. We employ our team approach to methodically reach the sweet spot, where intention meets feasibility. We then implement our expertise and full array of development resources, to ultimately bring projects to market that are on time and on budget.


DTM is an opportunistic investor focusing on distressed commercial real estate. We have multiple decades of valuating, repositioning, managing, and asset managing all forms of CRE including: office, medical, industrial, flex, and multi-family. Repositioning real estate requires an ability to quickly understand market dynamics, evaluate asset deficiencies, and finance vehicles to make an immediate impact to occupancy and value. An in-depth understanding of an asset’s life cycle is key to investment goals.


We manage DTM owned commercial real estate and third-party owned commercial real estate within our footprint. We have expertise in managing office, medical office, multi-family, industrial/flex, and retail properties. Being owners of commercial real estate, we know the importance of management’s role on real estate values and manage our third-party buildings as if they were our own. The impact of management is sometimes underestimated, and this disregard can lead to diminished real estate values. DTM is an experienced operator. We avoid these pitfalls and drive value.